Balaclava, merino wool with windstop

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Balaclava from Color Kids

Beautiful Color Kids balaclava in plain brown with a purple tint and in a knitted wool quality also comes in black. 

The Color Kids balaclava has a round head shape and consists of two layers of warm wool on the inside and soft cotton jersey on the inside. At the bottom, the balaclava has a practical split design, and the little reflector at the back. At the ears, there is a practical wind stop with an extra insulating layer that protects the ears from the wind.

Knitted balaclava made of 100 % merino wool. The balaclava has a good fit with ribbing around the neck and because it is longer in the front and back. The hat features wind stop at the ears and full fleece lining. Available in many nice colors to match the outerwear.

Color Kids is a colorful Danish children's clothing brand. The colorful designs of Color Kids are inspired by, and resistant to, the bleak conditions of northern Denmark. The designers of Color Kids know the conditions in Jutland like no other. In this part of Denmark, you have to deal with high and strong winds, freezing cold and rain that can last for days. Color Kids is not called Color Kids for nothing. At Color Kids, they believe in the magic of colors: the ability of colors to awaken certain feelings and desires. In addition to colors, patterns, designs, and images play a big role within Color Kids designs. For a child, the color of the clothing determines whether he or she feels comfortable in the clothing. The designers of Color Kids therefore know exactly what children need when it comes to clothing to comfortably protect them from the weather.

Made with:
- Outer: 100% merino wool
- Inner: 96% cotton + 4% elastane