Enchanted Forest School



Children thrive outside and people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits children experience with increased outdoor play. With initiatives such as 1000 hours outside and forest schools popping up throughout our province, we want to offer an opportunity for young children in the area to explore their natural world around them.

At Enchanted Forest School, children will be encouraged to use all their senses to explore nature. A sense of wonder, resiliency, and a deep sense of belonging will begin to develop as every child learns to pay attention, value questions over answers, and develop curiosity about the world around them. By nurturing such an early connection to nature, children are often calmer, more aware, compassionate, and joyful. All of these things lay the groundwork for a grown person who is resilient, resourceful, and comfortable not only in nature but with themselves.

"A four-year-old will be a four-year-old only once. Concentrate on meeting his present needs. Don't foist future academics on him. If he's allowed to truly play now - spontaneous play with room for running, leaping, ka-powing, crying, dancing, painting, spilling, and creative problem solving - then he will be ready for academics later. When children gain social and emotional skills and confidence in the preschool years, academic learning naturally follows." - Heather Shumaker

What you and your child can expect:
-Ages 2-5 years old
-A thrilling, nurturing, and magical atmosphere in Clifton, NS.
-Two responsible and experienced adult guides supporting small groups limited in size to 10 children.
-Starting April 4 2022 (until end of June), program will run Monday to Thursday, 9am-12pm
-Participants can attend all 4 mornings per week, or choose a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.
-$30.00 per day
-Snack provided (bring your own water bottle daily)

Guides emphasize the sense of wonder and mystery in the natural world through exploration, free-play, and lots of song and story. See you out there!

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Questions? Contact us at efschool@enchanted-forest.ca