Munch Mitt Baby Teething Mitten

The "handiest" teether you'll ever buy!

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Munch Mitt Teething Mitten features:

A convenient wearable teether from 3-7 months. Can be used up to 12 months of age, but is generally used as a standard soft hand-held teether from 7-12 months (once babies dexterity kicks in). Strap can be used to affix to a toy tether or car seat/stroller strap for convenience.

Soft and flexible teething surface made of 100% food-grade silicone, BPA & Phthalate free.

Safety tested to exceed all federal safety requirements, including CPSC, ATSM regulations and the most current CPSIA.

Easy access for baby to self soothe their teething pain. Hands-free for parent's

Interchangeable between hands. Flip mitt and make sure thumb area is always where baby's thumb is.

Protects baby's hands from skin damage from excess saliva and chewing

Sensory stimulating crinkle noise throughout mitt, black and white pattern & bright colors

Secure adjustable strap

Comes with travel/wash bag

Great for travel in the car seat or stroller

Washing Instructions:

Wash regularly to remove saliva from fabric and silicone.

Quick Wash: Hand scrub inside and out with scrub brush, dish soap, rinse, ring out and place in dryer on medium cycle.

Machine wash with babies other fabric items. Machine dry on very low/no heat fluff or delicate cycle then air dry if interior is still slightly damp. Do not dry on hot heat or over dry. If mitt becomes damaged please discontinue use and discard.

Do not sterilise in microwave. If dishwasher is used, place on top rack and do not keep it on heat/steam dry cycle - this will damage the mitt.

Do not store damp/wet with saliva or water in an air tight place.

Heidi 21-10-2017 01:00

My 4.5m old loves it! She stared at it only at first (great distraction!) and then chewed on it a lot. It fits her great with lots of room left for her to grow into it. She chews her fingers and hands so I knew she would like something like this!

Dana Trefry 19-11-2016 00:27

My son does enjoy this but I find it hard to clean, can still smell after washing...

Anonymous 10-08-2016 17:14

great product, a little small for my giant baby :)

I love this, my kid loves it. But as a mitt it is a little small to keep on and he is very good at pulling it off. I love the crinkly material and so does he!

Anonymous 10-08-2016 17:14

Just Alright

I was SO excited to purchase this but my LO isn't able to really get the silicone portion into his mouth to chomp on (maybe it's just him) so he gets frustrated with it fairly quickly. Imagine trying to put your fingers in your mouth but you just keep high fiving yourself in the face. Good design and seems to be a well made product but no matter how we positioned the mitt on his hand he just didn't seem to enjoy it.

Stephanie 10-08-2016 17:13

the teether he doesn't drop

Although my guy can't get the top in his mouth he chews the side and I'm guessing as he uses it more he'll figure it out. The great thing is I don't have to hold it for him or worry about it falling on the floor when we're out and about.

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