Planetbox Silo 2.4 Cup Snack Container

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Looking for an easy and eco way to carry snacks throughout your day? Our new Snack Containers have deep stainless cups and easy to open lids to hold a variety of snacks. Features include:
  • High quality stainless steel container to hold a variety of foods
  • Flexible silicone lids create a water tight seal while still making it easy for little hands open. Our silicone conforms to U.S. FDA and Europe’s stricter LFGB standards, and is safe from toxic chemicals
  • The entire snack container is dishwasher safe
  • Compatibility with our other products: Silo is designed to be carried and packed separately from our lunchboxes - it doesn't fit inside a lunchbox



Weight: 5.3oz / 148g
Dimensions: Diameter - 4.3in / 10.8cm, Height - 3.6in / 9cm
Capacity: Holds 2.4 cups / 19.4 fl oz / 574 ml
Includes: 1 silo (stainless steel cup and red silicone lid)
Materials: stainless steel and silicone rubber

Care and Use
Dishwasher safe or hand wash

Use the snack containers for dry or "wet" foods

Instruct children to place the snack container flat on a table before removing the lid. When the lids of the snack containers are removed, the bases should be flat on the table and not sideways, or else the contents can spill.

Not designed for hot foods: Hot foods will create a vacuum that can cause the lid to compress, which can lift up the edges and compromise the seal. Make sure your food is just warm (not hot) or cool before attaching the lid.

If foods are left for extended time periods in a hot environment the contents of the snack container may swell causing a slight "burping" when opened. We recommend using our ColdKit to keep foods cool.

Bending, chewing, and any other misuse of the lids can compromise their functionality and is not recommended.

Closing your snack container: When you attach your snack container lid you will want to make sure that it is sealed all the way around the perimeter. Dot indents on the lid can be used to guide children on how to close the snack container properly - instruct them to push down on all the dot indents for a complete seal.

Never put the Planetbox, snack containers or dippers in the microwave or oven.

Planetbox products contain small parts and are not intended for children under 3 years of age.

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