Workshops & Events

The Enchanted Forest Community Room is central to our parenting community, offering a wide variety of workshops, classes, and social events. Our programming changes with the seasons, but generally includes offerings such as workshops and support groups focusing on breastfeeding, solo parenting, parenting kids with special needs, baby sleep, postpartum anxiety & depression, communication & relationships, natural menstruation & fertility awareness, pregnancy & infant loss, parenting & discipline, holistic family wellness, baby-led weaning, baby sign language, potty learning & elimination communication, and more. Regular classes include infant massage classes, Mini Musicians music classes, kids art & yoga classes, baby sign language,and childbirth preparation workshops. Our classes, workshops, support groups, and social events are designed to empower parents to connect with one another, make healthy choices that are right for their unique families, and have fun.

Check out our calendar, or register for classes using the listings below!