Reiki Level I for Kids! April 21 2018 1-4pm

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This unique Reiki Level I & Beyond class will be designed by the kids, for the kids.

The class will be approx. 3 hours in length cause hey, they are a lot quicker than us adults. They will receive the Reiki Level I attunement, a take home of the suggested hand positions, and their Usui Reiki Level I certificate.

The session will cover a few do's and don'ts of Reiki, a full practice session so they get to both give as well as receive, and some other tools that will empower them to be in the world. Kids will leave knowing the contribution they be to the world.

Imagine knowing how to expand in the face of contraction…yup…there is a tool even for that!

Please do not just send your kids. Ask them if it is something they would like to choose.

Suggested ages 6-12 years



Our instructor is Reiki Master Kim Coleman:

The original definition of the word…'weird', Of spirit, fate and destiny! Who knew right? Yes, I have been weird all of my life. And loving it. We thought it was a judgement to be called weird. What if instead of fitting into the box you knew how to be YOU in the world? How many people do you see walking around who don't even know who they be let alone how to be it in the world! Yikes…wouldn’t that mean we would have to be ok with being judged by others? What if even that is really easy when you have the tools?

This is part of the work that I have been being, living and teaching classes in as well as individuals for more than 26yrs. I continue to travel wherever as well as take classes online in consciousness and energy healing many many times a year. On everything from bodies and beings, money, communication, entities etc…the list is as long as your arm. Life to me when approached with a childlike curiosity and knowing what is true for me and what is not with awareness of where I myself function from with a willingness to change that this is my journey. The youngest I have worked with one on one with would be a little boy aged 4. I have worked with many children showing them how to be and know what is true for them in ways that empower them and that the difference they be is actually a gift.

Imagine having that as a young child.

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