Rain Gear Swap & Sale!

Rain Gear Swap & Sale March 30 2019

We know the drill- you have SO many pairs of rainboots, rain suits, splash pants, and rain coats that are outgrown or no longer in use. You’d love to de-clutter your house (it's SPRING CLEANING time!!) and earn some money doing it! But the thought of taking photos and listing all these items on Kijiji and on swap sites is overwhelming, especially since people often can’t come to pick up items at a convenient time, or don’t show up at all. Or maybe you’re in the market for some great gently-used items at great prices. Fear not, we have the answer, and it’s EASY and fun!

ALSO: If you have old rainboots that are cracked or worn through, don't throw them out! Kamik can recycle them, and save some space in the landfill! We'll have their recycle bill available, so bring in any old pairs that are no longer useful!


Want to shop at the sale? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Saturday March 30 9:30am-5pm - Items as priced
  • Monday, April 1 9:30am-5pm- Clearance! All remaining items 40% off!
  • The consignment sale is cash-only. Regular Enchanted Forest purchases can be paid for with cash, debit, credit card, gift certificates, or customer loyalty points as usual.
  • The sale is free to shop at! No need to register or pay a fee to get in.
  • Everyone is welcome! Please keep in mind that the sale may be crowded; if you bring children please mind them closely.
  • All items are sold “as-is”, and all sales are final.
  • Have fun! Score some great deals! We hope you love it!
  • Want to buy new items? Awesome! We've got some fabulous, great quality rain gear in stock from brands you trust!


Want to sell your items at the sale? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Fill out the online form at the bottom of this page to register if you would like to be a seller. We will assign you your unique seller number which allows your sales to be tracked without having identifying information on them. Your information is confidential and is used to track your sales and remit your payment to you after the sale. You can choose to receive 100% of the sale price of your items as an Enchanted Forest gift certificate that will never expire, or 70% as cold hard cash.
  • Download and print off the tag template (CLICK HERE). Please use cardstock because regular paper will tear off easily, leaving your item without identification. You may instead print your tag template on regular paper and glue it to boxboard (cereal boxes etc). If you do not have a printer, pop into the store and we can give you printed cardstock copies.
  • Fill out your price tags, you may bundle items together as “lots" if you like. Round all prices to the nearest $0.50. Securely affix your tags to your items using string, safety pins, etc (no straight pins, please!). Want your un-sold items back afterwards? No problem, we’ll sort everything out for you. Would you prefer if we donated your unsold items? Sure thing, we can do that instead! Just remember to indicate your pick-up/donation preference and indicate if you would like us to mark-down your items for clearance on the Monday. If you do not indicate your preference on your tags, we will discount and donate your items.
  • Great-quality, freshly-washed items only, and please do scrub the mud off the soles of rainboots as well as you can. If you would not buy it, please don’t try to sell it. All sellers will price and sell their items fairly, honestly, and in good karma.  The “Golden Rule” is easy to follow.
  • Drop your items off at Enchanted Forest between Wednesday, March 27 and Friday, March 29. The store will be open for drop-offs from 9:30-5pm, but if you are unable to make it in during store hours, please reach out to us, we may be able to arrange for you to drop off your items at a staff member's house during the evening hours. We will sort and arrange items by category and get everything ready for the sale, which will be held in our Community Room. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any items from the sale that are stained or damaged in any way, those that smell of smoke or perfumes/fragrances or that otherwise do not meet the criteria of the sale at our discretion.
  • The sale will run from 9:30-5pm on Saturday March 30 with items at full price. Designated unsold items will be marked down by 40% on Monday April 1 from 9:30-5pm. If you prefer to opt-out of this extended/discount sale, please indicate this on your tags. If you do not indicate your preference for discounting/donated, items will be discounted and/or donated.
  • We will be handling cash and sales for all sellers at the event- sellers will not need to be present at the sale as all purchases will be tracked by seller number.
  • After the sale ends, we kindly ask for your patience as we sort all un-sold items and prepare them for pickup and/or donation to local charities. We will need to prepare reports, calculate payments, and issue cash or generate gift certificates for all sellers. We will have seller payments and all items not destined for donation ready for pickup by Wednesday April 3, and request that all unsold items be picked up by the end of the day on Friday, April 5. Items unclaimed after this date will be donated unless you have made other arrangements with us.

 Ready to register as a seller? CLICK HERE to get started!