Putty Peeps Mixing Lab

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This science experiment kit for children will teach them how to mix and blend colours to make new ones (and fun putty at the same time).

The kit includes

  • bulk white putty. (Simply use a small amount of this at a time to make different colours and effects)
  • 3 super concentrated colours (primary colours red, yellow and blue)
  • 3 super concentrated special effects putty (glow, glitter and metallic shine)
  • 6 putty peeps storage containers (these are just small, as you’ll only be able to make a small amount of each colour from the bulk putty)
  • 4 pairs of putty peep eyes so you can give your putty some personality
  • A putty mixing play mat with colour mixing instructions and ideas.

This Putty Mixing Lab is recommended for children aged 8+ and is not suitable for children aged 3 or under due to small parts

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