Parenting Reboot: a group Q & A with the Parent Coach July 3 2018

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You’ve got questions about guiding your child’s behaviour. And you’re tired of spinning in circles, not getting answers.


Since you’re not in crisis, you don’t think a psychologist is the right fit. And you’re too embarrassed to bring it up to other parents at playgroup or swimming lessons. You’ve asked friends and family, but most of their advice just doesn’t sit well with you. And forget Google--each blog post contradicts the next. It’s so frustrating! You just want to do the right thing. Is it supposed to feel this hard??


You need custom solutions, with your unique family in mind.


Did you know there’s such a thing as a professional parenting consultant?

There is!

Her name is Alison Smith and she’s in town for a few days!


Join us at Enchanted Forest this Saturday for tea & piles of helpful advice! She was here last year for a fantastic workshop which local parents found really valuable. Participants felt comfortable asking questions. And Alison’s ideas made so much sense.

Here’s what one couple said about one of her workshops,


“We have been so focused on punishment and reward to achieve the results we want with our son. We are excited to abandon our adversarial approach, and reconnect with our son. With Alison's strategies, we have a lot of hope that we can change our family dynamic for the better."


You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to get support from Alison in-person! Bring your parenting challenges and a couple friends to get real advice that works.


Ask the Expert: Parenting Reboot

Tuesday, July 3, 6-8:30pm

Enchanted Forest

$18 at the door. $15 in advance if you register online, in-store, or by phone (902-843-4334)

How much more time do you want to lose, researching solutions that may or may not work for you? Join us and let's start the year off fresh!

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