Omaiki Lötus Thong Liners

All products of the LÖTUS line are made in Canada with Canadian fabrics. Our exclusive blend of bamboo/organic cotton is one of the many reason why women choose Lötus.

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Recommended for pregnancy, with a menstrual cup or to feel fresh every day.

Great for thongs, boyshorts and brazilian panties.

Ultra Thin.

Length : 8.5’’

Package of 2 panty liners

Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics

All products of the LÖTUS line are made in Canada with Canadian fabrics. Our exclusive blend of bamboo/organic cotton is one of the many reason why women choose Lötus.

Why Lotus?

    • Perfectly designed shape to offer maximum protection and optimal coverage.
    • Technical design with careful attention to detail.
    • Cut to match a woman’s natural curves for maximum comfort.
    • Designed by women, for women.
    • Variety of products to meet every woman’s needs:
      • Menstrual cup backup, discharge, IUDs, pregnancy, bladder leakage, incontinence, athletes, post-partum, teenagers, light to heavy flow …
    • Compatible with all styles of underwear:
      • Thongs, boy-cut, bikini, high-cut, cheeky and more…
    • Canadian company with ten years of experience in reusable hygiene products.
    • A product line with nine years of expertise.
    • High-quality customer service that is accessible and bilingual.
    • Products available in store and online.
    • Superior absorbency.
    • Easy care (washer/dryer safe).
    • Waterproof wings to prevent leaks.
    • Modern and feminine design.
    • Practical accessories to simplify use.
    • Thin, comfortable, effective and breathable fabrics.
    • Designed and manufactured in Canada with Canadian textiles.
    • Quality manufacturing by qualified workers.

Care Instructions

DRY : Place your pads in a waterproof bag or storage container until wash day. Can be washed at the end of your cycle.
RINSE : Rinse your pads in cold water and store in a waterproof bag or container. Rinsed pads should be washed every 2-3 days. SOAK : Soak your pads in cold water (water + vinegar 6:1). Wash every 2 days. Water must be changer daily.
Machine wash in warm water, using a delicate detergent. No additives, no perfumes. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. DRY
Tumble dry at medium or dry under to sun to get rid of stains.
TIPS & TRICKS Use a mesh bag to store and wash your pads. LÖTUS pads can be washed with your regular laundry loads : towels, clothes… Pre-rinse or soaking is recommended when pads are heavily saturated.

Between 8-12 regular pads and 1-3 heavy flow pads. See our chart for more details.
VERY LIGHT FLOW (OR USED WITH MENSTRUAL CUP) 1-3 MINI pads / day and night LIGHT FLOW 1-3 MINI-MAXI pads / day and night 1-3 MINI pads / first and last day
MODERATE FLOW 2-3 MINI-MAXI or MAXI pads / day 1 MAXI or MAXI PLUS pad / night
HEAVY FLOW 2-4 MAXI or MAXI PLUS pads / day 1-2 MAXI PLUS pads / night


We recommend changing your pads at least every morning and night, plus at least once during the day or more often if needed.
WILL MY PADS LEAK? LÖTUS pads feature a leak-proof layer, which prevents leaks. Worry-free! HOW DOES IT WORK
WHEN I’M AWAY FROM HOME? SIMPLE! Bring a small wetbag and the pads you’ll need during the day.
ARE LÖTUS PADS ABSORBENT ENOUGH FOR POSTPARTUM USE? YES! We offer a heavy flow pad (MAXI PLUS) which was designed for overnight and postpartum use.
CAN I USE LÖTUS PADS FOR INCONTINENCE OR BLADDER LEAKAGE? Sure, you can either use pantyliners or MINI-MAXI for bladder leakage and bigger pads for incontinence.
HOW LONG WILL MY LÖTUS PADS LAST? Your LÖTUS pads will last many years, between 5-10, depending on how they are washed and how often they are used during one cycle.

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