Oball Rattle

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Product Description

Shake, Rattle, and Roll! 28 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp and shake. The smooth, flexible design and fun rattling beads makes the Oball Rattle™ captivating for kids of any age!


  • 28 finger holes make this ball easy for baby to grasp
  • 4 rattles with colorful beads make fun sounds as baby shakes this ball
  • Smooth, flexible patented design makes the Oball™ soft and captivating for little hands
  • 4" diameter
Natasha P 17-11-2016 22:39

My son loved this toy as an infant. It was the first toy he could hold when he was just a few months old and he still loves it at nearly 2 years old! He loved his pink one the best but we bought 3 of different colors because we loved them so much.

Heather 10-08-2016 16:46

Safe and Durable
I have been looking for safe and durable toys for my grandson and while looking at the wonderful selection at Enchanted Forest I decided on the Oball Rattle. Every child should have one!

Anonymus 10-08-2016 16:46

My little girl loves this- she cant yet really use her hands and hold onto toys, but when she grabs this ball she cant help but hold onto it because her fingers go through the holes and she closes her fist. She seems so intrigued with it, you can almost see the wheels in her head turning. My older child kicks it around the house, and we let him- it is so soft, there is no need to worry.

Anonymus 10-08-2016 16:45

Our daughter has loved her O-ball since she was just shy of two months old. Easy to grab even without much motor control, lightweight enough for her to shake - and rattles when she does! Easy to link onto play areas (no specific connections on the ball, but any linking structure can easily work). We bought another one!

Laura 10-08-2016 16:44

Perfect toy for learning to grab and hold!
I love this ball rattle, our daughter easily grasps this ball and holds it. It is flexible and easy to clean. Will be a favorite for years to come!

4.6 stars based on 5 reviews