Mindful Youth Series

A NEW program is being offered to youth between the ages of 7 and 15, who wish to learn more about mindfulness; what it is, how to meditate and how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

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Mindful Youth

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time and learning how to deal with all of the emotions that overwhelm us can be hard for adults, let alone youth, whose brains are still growing and changing.  A new year offers us a new opportunity to learn a fresh approach.

A NEW program is being offered to youth between the ages of 7 and 15, who wish to learn more about mindfulness; what it is, how to meditate and how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

This 7 week program will teach youth how to meditate and set the foundations for a potentially life-long mindfulness practice.

Enrollment is limited

Sundays, 1 – 2pm, January 21 – March 4th, 2018

Enchanted Forest Community Room

Cost: $100

Benefits of mindfulness for youth:

Build and develop empathy

Manage emotions

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression*

Improve sleep

Increase attention and concentration

Have fun!


*This program is not intended to replace medical and/or psychological treatment for mental illness.



About the Facilitator:

Ashley MacPherson has been working with youth for many years including being a children’s entertainer, camp counsellor, babysitter, majorette instructor and peer mentor. Ashley attended Mount Allison University and earned an Honors degree in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology. She then went to graduate school at Saint Mary’s University where she obtained a Masters of Arts degree in Criminology and where she helped to design and found a tutoring and sports mentorship program for children in low-income housing communities in HRM.

After completion of Grad school, Ashley spent 7 years as a youth worker in Secure Treatment for the Province of Nova Scotia, working with youth in care with behavioral and emotional disorders. Here, Ashley also took an 8-week MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) program and really began her personal mindfulness practice, alongside practicing with youth in the program.

After a devastating car accident, the unrelated, unexpected death of her Mother and the birth of her third child, Ashley tuned into life’s calling and followed her heart into slowing down, spending more time with her own family, and becoming a birth doula!

Ashley has been meditating, daily, for just over 3 years.


Who is this program for?:

Mindfulness is for EVERYONE!

This program, however, is designed for youth , ages 7-15. The age range is a suggested age. If participants are interested outside of that range, please don’t hesitate to contact and have a discussion as to whether that youth would benefit from the program.

Participants must have an interest in learning about mindfulness and how to meditate and should not be forced to participate without interest or desire. Participants must be mature enough to actively participate, follow gentle, reasonable directions, and understand and respect the privacy and feelings of other participants.

This program will not replace cognitive or behavioral therapies offered by psychologists. Encouragement of daily practice in the home will serve to ensure youth get the maximum benefit from the program.


Weekly Flow:

Circle Up (10 minutes) – introduction to new concepts, overview of activities and expectations

5-Minute Breathing Space ( ~5 minute breathing meditation)

Activities (30 minutes) – body scan meditation, walking meditation, visualizations , mindful eating, artistic expressions, light yoga, etc.

Debrief (15 minutes)- express feelings, experiences, ask questions, share with group

Weekly Themes:

  1. Introduction – Becoming Mindful
  2. Healthy Body, Healthy Boundaries
  3. Train Your Brain - Focus
  4. Loving Kindness
  5. Where are my Feelings?
  6. Calming the Storm
  7. Rest and Relax



  • Journal* and pen or pencil
  • Yoga mat or blanket
  • Comfortable clothing

*Participants are asked to bring a mindfulness journal (a dollar store journal is perfect).  These are for personal use, will be kept private and nothing in them will be read by the facilitator UNLESS requested by the youth.  All other paper and art supplies will be provided for individual activities.



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