Mindful Care Workshop for Parenting - Nov 23

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Join Pascal Atkin of Mindful Care Consulting & Education for a 4 hour workshop! Learn to care for yourself and your mental health, so you can be the best parent you can be! This workshop is ideal for parents and caregivers of all kinds.

"You can't pour from an empty cup!"

Mindful Care embraces the truth that caring for yourself and your mental health is an essential priority. We can't truly care for others unless we first understand ourselves and how to handle the mental health issues that arise from being compassionate people.

What you can expect from a Mindful Care workshop:

  • A conscious and practical approach to self-care
  • Understanding the "cost of caring" - how we operate in positions of care
  • Identifying mental patterns, behaviors and emotions that emerge when we are compassionate and constantly other-focused
  • Recognizing causes and symptoms of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue, and developing strategies to heal from and deal with them
  • Learning how to care in ways that are wholesome and fulfilling, instead of tiresome and draining

Registration is easy! Payment is require to hold your time slot. 
*Online using this listing (pay with PayPal or credit card)
*Give us a call at 902-843-4334 (pay with email money transfer)
*Pop into the shop at 45 Inglis Place (pay with cash, debit, credit card, Downtown Truro dollars, or email money transfer)

Pascal is a mom of three beautiful children (expert in exhaustion!). She holds a degree in psychology, a diploma in human services & disability supports, and has been working in the field of care for more than 10 years. Her business, Mindful Care Consulting & Education, aims to help businesses, teams, and people learn to care for themselves, so that they can better care for their clients and communities.

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