Maternity Clothing- Consignment

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Shopping for Maternity & Nursing Clothing?

Maternity clothing can be hard to find in Truro- we don’t have any maternity clothing retail stores, so shopping for maternity clothes requires a drive into the city, and the clothing can be expensive! Our thrift stores often carry older/dated items in limited sizes, and purchasing used clothing from kijiji and Facebook swap/sell sites can be hit or miss. Often with swap sites, only "lots" are available, which makes it difficult to build a wardrobe that suits your unique style. 
  • See & feel items in person with the opportunity to try them on. We even have a “dummy-belly” for early-pregnancy mamas to use!
  • Purchase individual items that suit your style rather than purchasing a “lot” of random items you may not like.
  • You’ll have the option to pay for your items at our checkout with cash, credit card, debit, gift certificates, or Downtown Truro Dollars- convenient and easy!

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Hoping to sell your Maternity & Nursing Clothing?

Selling maternity clothing can be difficult, too! Most items see minimal wear and are in great shape, but finding the right person to purchase your items is hard, and most mothers end up selling their maternity clothing as a “lot” for a much lower price than they would receive if they sold individual pieces. Swap-and-sell Facebook groups and Kijiji don’t lend themselves well to selling individual items, as this requires monitoring of the post, lots of back-and-forth communication with potential buyers, and co-ordinating schedules for pick-up (and many times, the buyer doesn’t show up!).

      • Just tag your items with our tags and drop them off at the store. No need to take a ton of pictures to post online, monitor your post for responses, or experience the aggravation of no-shows and fall-throughs.
        We’ll display your items in-store and will also post to social media. This gains you access to our wide and diverse customer base, both in-store and online
      • You set your prices, and choose whether you’d prefer to receive 50% of the selling price as cash, or 70% as a store credit in the form of a gift certificate that never expires.
      • Your maternity clothing items will remain on display for one month at full price, at which point unsold items will be taken out of the sale and you will be notified for pickup (or we can donate for you) and to collect your payment. Really want to get rid of certain unsold items? We’ll mark them down and keep them on display for an additional month to help clear them out for you. You can indicate your preference for these options for each item on your tags- this allows you to choose to discount and/or donate items you don’t really care about while choosing NOT to discount or donate items you’d like to keep if unsold.

Maternity Consignment Seller Guidelines


Accepted Items

Items not permitted

Maternity clothing including pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, sweaters, leggings, outerwear, etc

Maternity underwear, Regular (non-maternity) women’s clothing

Breastfeeding tops/dresses etc as well as nursing bras (bras MUST be in excellent condition)

Nursing cover-ups or other non-garment breastfeeding accessories

Pregnancy support belts, compression hose, etc

Body pillows and non-garment accessories


  • All items must be freshly washed and in great condition without stains, odours, etc. Enchanted Forest may remove items from the sale at our discretion.
  • Pop into the store or give us a call to be issued your unique seller number. Please use our Enchanted Forest maternity consignment tags on all items, which can be downloaded from our website HERE. If you don’t have a printer and you need tags, you can also pick these up in-store.
  • Securely affix tags to clothing items using safety pins or string through looped garment tags, belt loops, or buttonholes. Ensure that your clothing item is tagged in such a way that it can be tried on without removing the tag. Items that become un-tagged will be donated to charity.
  • Drop your items off at Enchanted Forest during regular store hours. We’ll have a short form for you to fill out.
  • Enchanted Forest is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Call, email, or pop in if you have any questions or need guidance, we're happy to help!

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