Lotus Regular Starter Pack

We’ve created the sample bloom pack for you to try out three of our wonderful liner, in each of the three sizes we have created: mini bloom (small) regular bloom (medium) and maxi bloom (large). These stylish Bloom packs are ideal for getting started to determine which liner works best for which day. It also gives you the options of picking your perfect colors and favourite designs before your customize your complete collection.

Small Dimensions

Medium Dimensions

Large Dimension

Why use Lotus liners?

There comes a time when we as women start looking for something different, something outside the norm that we know in our hearts will make us feel better about ourselves and improve the planet we live on. Lotus liners are designed for exactly that, to make your monthly bloom more manageable, more convenient and to allow you to live your life, comfortable, assured and confident your panty liner is doing exactly what it was made to do. We use Lotus liners because they allow us to take care of our bodies in a better way. They declare we are willing to pamper ourselves and show we are not afraid to embrace our monthly flow, but instead celebrate it with the best, most dependable and fashionable cloth liner on the planet. The following are some frequently asked questions about Lotus Liners.


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