Lending Library

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Healthy choices are made with a combination of intuition and information. While we can't help with the intuition part (always trust that mama/daddy-gut!), we can help you get the information you need to make the choices that are right for your unique family! Enchanted Forest and the Truro Birth Collective have an extensive lending library of books, CDs, and videos available for local families to borrow and enjoy! From pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding, parenting, and health, we are happy to share these resources so you!

Sorry, we do not ship lending library resources, these are available for local borrowers only. You can reseve a book online by adding it to your cart and checking out (pick up instore within 1 week, please), or come in to browse our selection in person. The $1 fee for borrowing a lending library resource goes towards the expansion of our library- let us know which books/DVDs you'd love to see us bring in! Donations of books and DVDs are always enthusiastically appreciated :)