Kids succulent planting workshop

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Kids succulent planting workshop: July 22, 3:00-3:45pm

Join Little Mister Fancy Plants for a fun workshop on succulents! Learn all about these amazing desert plants, and how to help them grow and thrive. Get your hands dirty by mixing up the perfect soil mix, learn how to plant these plants, and pot one up! Kids will learn how to care for these plants and keep them alive, and even how to grow new plants from fallen leaves!
Aimed at kids ages 7-12, parents/caregivers may drop their child(ren) off and leave for the duration of the class or they may stay. The class will be 30-45 minutes long.
This class will be taught by Alden (Little Mister Fancy Plants) and supervised by his mom Andrea.
Learn more about Little Miss (and Mister) Fancy plants events (Andrea hosts BYOB planting parties for adults too!) at
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