Paint a Rainbow Class (12m+) Dec 9 3pm

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Paint A Rainbow!

A painting experience for you and your toddler.

1 hour $15       12m+  


Enjoy a beautiful experience with your child, worry free!  Easels, paint, brushes, canvas, aprons and towels will be provided.  Leave the mess behind and bring home a beautiful painting to hang in your home that you and your toddler created together.  These also make a great Christmas gift for relatives!


This is an open ended, creative sensory experience.  Your toddler can explore the materials, and think creatively while making memories and a masterpiece! 


This interactive activity will build confidence, while stregthening  fine motor skills.  Early math concepts are at work, as well as language skills as you communicate about colors, shapes and whatever comes to life on your canvas!  Cognitive skills, such as problem solving and decision making are sharpened, all while building fundamental art skills.  Let's paint a rainbow!


One parent/guardian is required to participate with each child.

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