The Village! Toddler Group

Come and meet with other parents & caregivers and toddlers & preschoolers in Community Room! No need to register, just drop-in. If you have a little one who you feel is too old for the Afterglow & Rock & Talk groups but still not quite old enough for the older kids playgroups, then this is the group for you! Younger or preschool-aged siblings are certainly welcome to come too, of course!

The second year of baby's life can be a transition- for some mothers, going back to work and baby in childcare part or all of the time can be a huge shift. For other parents, staying at home can be isolating; suddenly the friendships you made with other mothers during maternity leave are harder to nurture because of the busy pace of this new season. This group can be a great way to get out of the house and share the challenges and joys of parenthood with others who understand, and support each other during this amazing journey of parenthood, in all its forms.

The playgroup will be led by those in attendance- help yourself to a cup of tea and make yourself at home in our cozy space with our comfy couches and chairs, toys for your little ones, and great company.

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