Baby Sign Language Series Winter 2018

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Using sign language with your baby is a great way to ease frustration and to help them communicate their wants, needs, and the things that they are excited about! Baby sign language lays the groundwork for earlier spoken language development and broader vocabularies. And it's SO FUN to be able to communicate with your baby so much earlier than you would otherwise be able to!

Andrea Munroe is a childbirth & babywearing educator, birth doula, and mother of 3, who has learned and taught sign language to all of her babies. Join her and other local parents and caregivers for a fun and interactive series on baby sign language using ASL (American Sign Language) signs. This series is intended for caregivers of babies from about 3-15 months.

In this 5 week series you will discover why signing works for babies from an infant development perspective, and the benefits of infant & toddler baby sign language as backed by research. You'll learn and practice the hand & body positions of both one- and two-handed signs, as well as the motions and facial expressions associated with common signs. We'll discuss when and how to incorporate signs into your daily routines, and the expected development of baby's understanding and participation. Explore how signing reduces frustration in the toddler years, and what the transition to spoken language may look like.

Along the way, you'll learn more than 80 signs to help your baby tell you what they want, need, see, and feel! We'll also learn fun rhymes and songs to keep signing playful and motivating for you and your little one. Each participant will receive a set of laminated flash cards of our most commonly-used signs on a carabiner; this is perfect for clipping to your diaper bag to help care providers and family members learn the basics and share the experience!

Investment: $65+ HST for 5 weeks

Tuesdays from 1-2pm, starting February 27

3 easy ways to register!

  • Online using this listing
  • By phone at 902-843-4334
  • In-store at 45 Inglis Place
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