Fancy Plants Party- Metal Planter March 9 BOYB

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2.5 hour workshop, March 9 6-8:30pm

DIY Fancy Plants is the perfect night out! Grab a friend, a bottle of wine (or whatever you like!), and join Little Miss Fancy Plants for a fun evening out! As you socialize, laugh, and have fun, you will be guided step-by-step through the process of planting a succulent terrarium in your choice of square or canoe shaped metal bonsai planter. You’ll learn everything from how to make the perfect soil substrate for your plant types, to how to choose your plants & transplant them into your terrarium! Let your creativity guide you to create something truly unique with lots of options for decorations and finishing touches. Don’t worry, you’ll also learn how to keep your little green friends alive, because dead plants are a bummer. Andrea will even teach you when and how to take cuttings of and re-pot your plants as they grow!

After a fun night out with friends, you’ll have learned some new skills, and will have acquired a green thumb instead of (or at least in addition to) a hangover. You’ll stick to your budget because you’ll bring your own beverages and won't have to pay for them at a bar or restaurant… plus you’ll have a beautiful new terrarium to take home and brag about- or give as a gift to someone you love! All materials are supplied, from snazzy aprons and plants to wine glasses- you just need to bring yourself, your beverage of choice, and perhaps a friend or few! Please arrange a safe drive home if you will be drinking

2.5 hour planting party. BYOB (and safe drive). All materials are included. $35.

Want to book a private Fancy Plants party for your workplace holiday celebration or team-building exercise? Do you have a birthday, graduation, or retirement party to plan? Little Miss Fancy Plants can offer your group a unique experience, either in the Enchanted Forest Community Room or in your own venue!


About our instructor:
Way back in the olden days of fewer kids and fewer grey hairs, Andrea (aka Little Miss Fancy Plants) earned an honours BSc. degree in Plant Science at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. She was a real plant geek. One day in her mid-twenties Andrea quite suddenly acquired the "baby fever", at which point she threw herself into becoming a birth doula, had a few babies, started a parenting store, and became a birth nerd instead. Babies and businesses require a heck of a lot of attention, and so Andrea's houseplants all died. But now, being the Gemini that she is, Andrea's love is shifting back to plants and friends and fun! Making time to nurture our friendships is so important, and connecting with soil and plants to create something beautiful (perhaps while enjoying chocolate and wine?) is a deeply satisfying approach to self-care. Little Miss Fancy Plants can't wait to share some great evenings of laughter and green thumbs and a drink or two with you at her Fancy Plants classes! And she promises that in the re-discovery of her inner botany-geek, she won't forget to water her kids.

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