Maternity Support Band

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The Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band is uniquely designed to be preventive and therapeutic. The band reduces the risk of muscle strain and helps to relieve existing discomfort or pain by gently lifting weight off the pelvis and supporting your lower back. It is discreet and warm and supports your back and tummy.

  • Relief: Warmth and support of the lower back by special fabric constructions which relieve pressure on the lower back and abdomin.
  • Discret: The fine seamless fabric allows you to wear it discretly under tight fitting clothes.
  • Support: As your tummy grows the maternity support band is designed to gently increase support.
  • Gentle: Extra stretch over your bump combined with gentle but firm support below and to the sides of the bump.
Anonymous 10-08-2016 18:48

Great product.

This product really helped with the pain o was getting in my belly from the baby stretching and pulling down. I was getting the pain in the last couple hours of my 8hr work days but no longer have any issues as long as I wear the band. I think having a band that adjusts as belly size changes might be good for anyone who has the pain earlier in pregnancy but overall this product stretches and gives great support

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