Bunchafarmers Detergent

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Our new all natural Laundry Detergent is great for your regular or high efficiency Washing machine. NO CHEMICALS so you will have bright, clean and fresh laundry just like Grandma used to wash. Our Green clean as an additive will energize your load even more!Good for up to 50 loads depending on the size of each load.

Yvonne 10-08-2016 16:03

This is such a delicious smelling detergent. It washes well, and you treat stains with sprinkling some of the ONLY 1-2 teaspoons per load on the stain. Don't add more - it works very well in cold, warm and hot water. I have washed some wool pieces in cold water with it, and I had very nice fluffy results. I think the good oils in this detergent give the wool a nice re-coating. Love it! Just make sure you are not using it when hungry ... it smells sooOOOOO delicious.

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