Birth Story Integration & Healing Circle

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Birth Story Integration and Healing Circles are a safe space for women to process, integrate and heal their birth stories.

Birthing a baby is one of the most monumental experiences of our lives, and the experience of birth is one we’ll carry with us forever. Our birth experiences often impact us deeply, both as individuals, and in our mothering.

Many of us find ourselves telling and re-telling our birth stories, but so often we tell the story that others want to hear, or the story that will get the reaction we desire. In our culture, the re-telling of stories is often valued as a healing practice; however, when the story we re-tell is rooted in trauma or unresolved in some way, this practice can be more harmful than helpful. It is only when we re-tell our story in a safe space with the assistance and intention to process it that healing can truly occur.

How do I know this experience is for me?

Whether your experience was joyful or traumatic, confusing or empowering, processing and healing that experience can help you to step more fully into the transition into motherhood, as well as to prepare for future births. This circle is truly for any woman who has had a baby, and can profoundly impact the way you see your birth experience and yourself. There is no “right” or “wrong” time to process your birth experience; women with new babies and growing children alike have participated in and benefited from this process.

What will I experience at the circle?

During a birth story healing and integration circle, you will be invited to explore a different way of thinking about your birth experience through the wisdom of archetype analysis, and then process your birth using the labyrinth, an ancient tool for healing. You’ll be guided through a series of powerful self-exploration questions that will help you to consider your experience in a new light, and then have the opportunity to process your birth story with skilled leadership in a healing circle of women.

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