Octopus Teether

The Mombella Octopus Teething Toy is the world's first 3D and hollow product of its kind. Developed by a dental hygienist mom of 3 and doctor recommended, its 8 tentacles are easy to grab for all babies. The bristles on the tentacles are ideal for massages gums and teeth to sooth and relieve pain. It is made with 100-Percent food grade and FDA approved silicone which is extremely safe and durable. FREEZER SAFE and DISHWASHER SAFE. BPA FREE, LEAD FREE, 6P FREE.

  • Safe and light weight: World's 1st 3D silicone hollow teething toy making it safe and light-weight for baby Tentacles are easy for any age child to grab
  • 100-Percent food grade and FDA approved: Made with 100-Percent food-grade silicone and FDA-approved. It is very durable and suitable from 3 months and older
  • Invented by a Dental Hygenist and Doctor recomended
  • Soothes and relieves pain: With soft, flexible and durable bristles on each of its 8 tentacles. Ideal for soothing and relief from teething
  • Safe: Freezer safe, dishwasher safe. BPA free, lead free and 6P free
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