Anointment Soap

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Our soaps contain 50% olive oil and a combination of coconut and palm oils to produce a high-quality, long-lasting soap. Anointment soaps create a rich lather with added shea butter to deliver intense moisture to the skin. The soap additives are simple: herbal botanicals and pure essential oils.

We recommend that our soaps be stored on a draining soap dish. When kept dry and properly drained between uses, a bar of soap will last for several weeks.

Reffa Nopparat 10-08-2016 18:24

The best soap!

I recommend the calendula soap bar to anyone who has a child with sensitive skin. It is mild enough that I also use it on my face. It lasts for ages as well. We have been using the same bar for 2 months on both my child and myself and it is still going strong! Local product from N.B. and something I trust to use safely on my son. We have even bought 5 bars to take with us while living abroad so we never run out! Great product.

Anonymous 10-08-2016 18:23

The Best Soap to use.

Smells great. Only have to use a little on the facecloth. Lasts a long time.

Anonymous 10-08-2016 18:23

Best Soap For Baby's Skin
I absolutely love this product. I used it when my baby developed baby acne and with one use I noticed the skin return to normal within 24 hours and hasn't returned. She now has beautiful, perfect skin. We also used on her diaper rash and it cleared it up within a few days! I actually use it on my skin if it's getting sensitive to something. This soap lathers up so nicely, doesn't dry her out and lasts for a very long time. I washed her with another product one day and noticed a difference in her skin...dry and irritated. I won't use anything but this soap now, it just isn't worth using anything else. I add this to all baby shower gifts I give. Smells so good as well.

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