Anointment Men's Wet Shave Set

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Early in the morning grandfather would wake and stoke the wood stove. He would then proceed to the kitchen sink, pick up the bowl containing a round bar of shaving soap, add a splash of hot water and move his brush in a circular motion, making a mountain of lather. He would carefully apply the lathered soap to his face until it appeared he had a thick white beard before beginning to shave. As a child, watching this routine was as comforting as it was fascinating.

Our wet shave gift set is sure to bring some happy nostalgia to your shaving routine. This ready-to-use gift set includes a handsome handcrafted pottery shaving scuttle, a shave brush and our easy-to-use our old-fashioned shaving soap. Anointment Shave Soap is a down-to-earth, unscented alternative to shaving creams and foams and is even better than your grandfather’s soap! With moisturizing French green clay, skin-soothing ground sandalwood and flaxseed, and castor oil for impressively dense foam, every shave is a time-travelling 

Wet Shave Kit Contains:

  • Pottery shaving scuttle handcrafted by Island Stoneware(Borden-Carleton, PE)
  • Shave soap is unscented yet contains sandalwood powder, moisturizing French Green Clay for added glide, ground certified organic flax seed and lather-producing shea butter and castor oil
  • Shaving Brush
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