Anne Janelle- I Didn't Want to Break It

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NEW RELEASE★ From roots rock to synth pop, 13 original songs and 2 instrumental palette-cleansers crackle with emotion. Intuitive, immediate, up-close and personal.


Anne Janelle is a cellist-turned-songwriter. The elegance of her classical training meets fearless curiosity as she creates songs steeped in the rich traditions of folk, pop and jazz. While “Anne plays her cello like Paul McCartney picks his Hoffner,” (Roots Music Canada) her “gorgeous syrupy voice” (Acoustic Magazine) shares evocative and vulnerable lyrics.

Anne's album output includes True Love Don't Weep (winner of the Canadian Folk Music Award for Traditional Album of the Year), Beauty Remains (her songwriting debut) and So Long at the Fair (“inventive, entertaining, beautifully written and brilliantly performed” - R2 Magazine). She has toured nationally and internationally, a full-time performer since 2012.
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