Secret Message Spy Kit

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This cool spy kit has all sorts of gadgets to help you become the stealthiest sleuth around! It contains 2 complete super spy secret message kits, allowing 2 children to play together. You and your partner can communicate in up to 9 different secret ways with the help of the 40+ components of this spy-worthy kit. With lots of activities and fun facts, this kit is the perfect gift for any young spy-in-training!

This set contains 2 Secret Message Kits, each containing 1 handy plastic case for storing all secret messaging devices, 1 Morse code with flashlight, 1 invisible message writer and developer set ( 2 pieces ), 1 built-in cipher wheel, 2 message capsules and paper stripes for stick code, 6 colour encryption note sheets, 1 secret code cards library containing various well-known code information and a plain card for inventing your own secret code, 1 Spy International ID card with secret name label and built-in decoder lens for colour-encrypted messages, and assembly instructions with fun facts about each different secret message code and device. You and your partner will be the stealthiest spies around with the help of this cool kit!

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